Vina Morales & Pops Fernandez, the faces of Beautizone


Actors, singers, and hosts Vina Morales and Pops Fernandez are the faces of Beautizone.

This new beauty clinic that being endorsed by Vina & Pops opened its doors last June 28 at Tuscany Private Estates, Upper McKinley, Taguig City. Beautizone does lash enhancements, nail art, brows micro blading & shading, lip blend & eyebrow tattoo, nail care & enhancements, waxing, drips & removals. This kind of beauty centre is a trend not only for women but also for men.

You know what guys, during the interview, I was just staring at Vina and Pops, I was so starstrucked with their beauty. I even forgot my questions! To the point that I almost asked these not-so-brainy questions: Do you still need Beautizone, you're beautiful already? Do you have beauty fairy godmother? Who is she? Can you tell her to go Cinderella on me? Oh my geesh, what happened Byxie?

Anyways, maintaining beauty with a busy schedule is hectic, if not seemingly impossible, but
Vina and Pops, who are the two of the most beautiful Filipina celebrities, shared during the interview that they always see it to it thay they maintain their beauty by going to skin clinic like Beautizone.

Maintaining beauty is not that expensive with Beautizone. You can achieve the beauty that you want without spending too much moolah from your accounts. Look at these prices:

Aside from its pricing, you will also fall in love with its posh & chic interiors.

Beautifying yourself in a beautiful place!


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