The magic of Magiteque Liquipowder: From oily to mattified face


Having an oily face makes you ugly. And yes, I have an oily face but, excuse me, I'm not ugly. It's just that oiliness is killing me.

Okay, fine! I blame myself for eating too much pork and oily foods, how can I say no to these delicious foods but I'm trying not to eat too much.

Then, the magic came. It's not the kind of magic you see in fantasy movies like "Harry Potter" but the effect of this amazing product is magical. Introducing: Magiteque Liquipowder by Beverly Glow. for a fresh-looking lace, all-the-time!

Magiteque Liquipowder is so handy but it can make your oily face into mattified look. Isn't that magical? No more expensive oil-filter papers. No more oiliness is killing me.

It contains the following: organic sulfur can soften, oxygenate, hydrate and put on glow on one’s face; chelated magnesium can control oiliness; its ionic calcium can provide one with a mattified look as well as any makeup fresh-looking and long-lasting at the same time; but the most important thing are the 72 trace minerals for it create a younger effect for the user.

Like me, actress Beverly Salviejo, once had a problem on excessive oiliness on her face, but as soon as she tried Magiteque Liquipowder it has worked wonders on her. There is no need for her to constantly wash her face and even hoard on oil filter papers. With a couple of spray from this liquipowder—it left her with real wonder—she is now oily-free and can face whoever she meets with confidence.

A satisfied user named Yogie Abellada-Logeot shares: “I’m so loving the product. Found a way not to be itchy anymore. My face is less oily and my foundation stays longer.”

Bambie Banzon, another user of the liquipowder prides in the product, “Thank you so much for this wonderful Magiteque Liquipowder. It really worked well with me. It controls the oil on my face and is smudge-free!”

There are more and more those who turned to this pretty potent product. To know more about this, visit its facebook page on


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