Arjo Atayde keeps getting better as an actor & person


The first time I watched Arjo Atayde was on the primetime TV series "Eboy" he got my attention cause of his charm. I was like who's this cute tisoy guy on TV hahahahaha. I had no idea back then that he is the handsome son of Ms. Sylvia Sanchez cos he's not using his mom's last name.

You know me, when charming actor got my attention, I'll be a follower of his career. So after doing a teleserye under Star Creatives, he did several episodes of "MMK" (Malaala Mo Kaya) where he won 2 awards from Star Awards for TV in one of the episodes. And yes, I saw each episode, that's for the love of Arjo.

Then, he did the afternoon soap opera "Dugong Buhay," with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big Winner Big Winner Ejay Falcon & Yam Concepcion, which, I think, is his first teleserye under GMO Unit of ABS-CBN. If on his first teleserye, I fell in love with his charm, this time, I fell in love with his acting. No doubt he won a Best Supporting Actor award for this series

The character poster of Raymond (played by Arjo Atayde) in the Philippine adaptation of Pure Love

I was a big fan of the Koreanovela "49 Days" (Philippine title: "Pure Love") & when ABS-CBN announced that Arjo would play the character of Raymond which was originally played by Bae Soo-Bin I was really happy cos he was that kind of actor who possesses good looks but could play manipulative character. And when the show started to reveal the real Raymond, oh boy, he didn't fail me. He gave emotions that I was expecting from his character. He was even better than the original Korean actor


But in the primetime series "Ang Probinsyano," which was his first teleserye under Dreamscape, where he really shone. He portrayal of Joaquin Tuazon really made an impact to the viewers & put his name to the top spot of Philippine entertainment industry. Let's admit, we hated his character but we loved seeing Arjo every night. And when his character died, I was like why did you kill him, the show would be lousy without him.

ABS-CBN gave him "Hanggang Saan" a new teleserye with his mom, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, who made a remarkable portrayal of the character Gloria in the hit afternoon teleserye "The Greatest Love." In this teleserye, Arjo plays the role of Paco who is a law student and Sonya’s (Ms. Sylvia Sanchez) dedicated son. At first, I was so worried if he could beat his performance in "Ang Probinsyano" but Arjo is a great actor, he keeps getting better, he didn't fail me again. His portrayal of Paco is one of the reasons why "Hanggang Saan" got high ratings & always a trending topic on Twitter. He would make sure that you would follow his character and he owns each character that he portrays. Even his short portrayal of Lizardo in the 2017 movie "Ang Panday" made an impact to everyone who watched the film. Viewers and critics alike praised his performance and some said he should have been the main villain in the said Coco Martin  film.

He maybe the son of a great actress but he didn't use his mother to get a seat in showbiz. He made a name for himself. I will never get tired supporting Arjo cause a great actor like him deserves our support. Aside from being a great actor, he is also a great person that's why rich people and masa love him. He truly and genuinely appreciate every praise and good comments he receives. He makes sure to thank all the people who appreciate his work. I always hear stories from the production people that Arjo has no attitude and he is always professional when it comes to acting. He could be the baddest villain on screen but he is an angel in real life. Love yah, Arjo!


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