Jed Madela's US Tour Was A Success


The World Champion Jed Madela just recently finished the 2nd & final leg of his 2017 US tour (produced by Stargaze Productions’ Carnie Banares) which every show is SOLD OUT. Wow, congratulations, Jed!

Prior to the show, fans were so excited to see his performance with Morissette Amon (Imagine, two of the best young Filipino singers). However things didn't work out the way they wanted as the first show—held at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California last August 17—had a hitch. Due to unforseen circumstances, Morissette didn’t make it to California in time for the show. Jed admits that he was worried her absence would cause a problem for him.

“With regards to Morissette, her working visa didn't come through in time. Honestly, I got worried when I found out what happened to her. I thought the venue would want to cancel the show because ang inaasahan nila, dalawa kami ni Morissette na nandun. I got even more worried when my team told me that some people already asked for ticket refunds,” he confessed.

The odds are still in Jed's favour because the venue decided not to cancel the show (that made him happier & more energetic) and the show was still sold out even if some refunds were made. There were even some fans who turned away at the door because there were no more available tickets.

That knowledge gave him the encouragement he needed. Despite Morissette’s absence, Jed went onstage determined to make sure those who bought tickets—and didn’t ask for refunds—would get their money’s worth. Luckily, his efforts paid off.

“Like any other professional, I went on with the show. I wanted to make sure that the audience wouldn’t go home feeling shortchanged, and they didn’t. They went home happy naman,” Jed says. “I got rave reviews, kaya the producer is already planning another US tour for me next year. Some of Morissette’s fans refunded their tickets kasi nga wala siya, but some stayed to watch me. I met with them afterwards and they told me I gained new fans, so I also went home happy.”

The "How Can I Fall" singer was so thrilled that he ended his tour on a high note. With the success of his latest US tour, Jed hopes it will pave the way for him to do more things abroad.

“I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel and do more shows abroad. I’m happy my management team works hard to find producers who’ll get me for their shows. I do get offers for shows in the Philippines, and sold out din naman sila, but maganda rin na meron akong natatanggap sa ibang bansa. Who knows, maybe all this overseas touring will lead to bigger opportunities there. Let’s see.”

Again, congratulations, Jed!

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