I Found 7 Reasons To Watch 'I Found My Heart In Santa Fe'


I was invited to cover the blogcon of the upcoming romantic-comedy movie "I Found My Heart in Santa Fe" which was produced by Bluart Productions. Before coming to the blogcon, I had very small amount of knowledge about the film --- that it stars real-life couple Will Devaughn & Roxanne Barcelo.

Buti na lang during blogcon they played the trailer which looks so cutesy, charming & romantic. I even stopped talking to my co-bloggers while watching the trailer & from that moment, I've already found 7 reasons to watch this movie. So, let's start counting.


Like what I've said, the movie stars the real-life couple Roxanne Barcelo & Will Devaughn ---- they had been in a relationship for four years now.

Haba naman ng hair ni Teh Roxanne, four years is four years, big achievement yun, pak!

I was so curious if yung chemistry ba nila in real life ay madadala ba nila sa big screen as a loveteam. First time kasi nila magsama sa isang movie, so talagang ma-tetest sa movie na ito ang kanilang chemistry. Ganern!

Based on the trailer meron silang something different na ma-i-o-offer especially yung characters nila na very opposite sa isa't-isa. Very Byx ang peg ng character ni Roxanne, she plays the island girl Jennifer who is smart, fierce, hardworking & pretty with unique personality & speaks gay linggo - akong-ako talaga ito mga beshie!!! Kaya lang brokenhearted itong si Jennifer & this heartache made her tougher & wiser.

Si Papa Will naman will play the German-Filipino named Viktor. Siya yung tipong AFAM of our dreams --- rich, adventurous, athletic, music lover and, of course, handsome but remains a simple man. Pero si ideal AFAM natin is not perfect cos he's searching for the missing pieces of his life.

Their nakakakilig & exciting journey to love will start when Viktor decided to fly to Santa Fe to look for his biological mother.


Another thing na gusto ko sa trailer ay pinakita dito na winner ang gandang morena -- promote our own skin colour.

The two will bump into each other in a rather odd situation but due  to Viktor's insistence and persistence, he will stop at nothing to win the heart of Jennifer. He was captivated by Jennifer's morena beauty & charm. PAK!!!!

Sabi nga sa kantang "Morena" ni Roxanne Barcelo, "Iba magmahal ang isang morena."


Sa mga ka-beshie natin na in love sa AFAM, eto talaga yung perfect movie para sa atin. When I saw Viktor, kinilig ako dahil siya talaga yung ideal AFAM of our dreams ang peg niya.

Trailer pa lang, nakikita ko na ang sarili ko kay Jennifer na love na love ng isang AFAM who will do everything to win her heart. Tapos tayong mga girlash pa-hard-to-get ang oeg natin. I'm sure nakakarelate kayo mga ka-beshie. Ito na talaga yun, woooooh!!!


The movie "I Found My Heart in Santa Fe" is directed by Bona Fajardo. He was one of the people who started independent-digital filmmaking (indie film) in 2000. Siya lang naman ang direktor ng 1st indie film ng Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera Judy Ann Santos --- "Miss Pinoy" an advocacy film on Overseas Filipino Workers.

He also directed the movie "Iliw" about Vigan, Ilocos Sur topbilled by Kaye Abad.

Tarush itong si direk because he's part of the production & creative team of Robin Padilla's indie film "Astigmatism" which won a Silver Award (Digital) at Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) -- a first for the Philippines.

After winning awards, Direk Bona & his group decided to venture into film technology development & was later assigned to film tourism.


Natuwa ako sa trailer kasi may mga beki lingo o gay lingo & I'm excited to hear more beki words sa movie since the character of Jennifer (Roxanne) is a babaeng bakla as in perfect nya ang Gay Lingo subject!

Tapos may mga quotable quote pa na talaga namang tagos sa puso.

"Love doesn't ask because it's ready to trust, love doesn't ask because it's ready to understand"

Pak! Pak! Winner!!!!


I'm sure narinig ko na somewhere ang song na "Morning, Noon & Nighttime" na theme song ng movie. It was originally performed by Jane Olivor but for this movie ang si Roxanne naman ang nag-cover. When it was played sa trailer, tumaas yung kilig meter ko, it really helps sa kiligness ng mga scenes and I'm so excited to hear this song sa movie. Roxanne's version of the song really fits sa story at location ng movie.


One of the main factors that move the love story of Jennifer & Viktor is the pristine & raw beauty of Santa Fe --- it really makes the movie more interesting & serves as the perfect romantic backdrop.

Santa Fe is a municipality part of Bantayan Island in Cebu which has a beautiful non-crowded beach that boasts of white sand that sparkles in the sunlight.

It was last year when Director Bona Fajardo discovered Santa Fe & got an idea to shoot a movie. It's really the perfect setting for the beautiful & endearing love story of Jennifer & Viktor.

I hope, with this movie, the tourism industry of the paradise of Santa Fe will boost.

"I Found My Heart in Santa Fe" is about a girl searching for love & a boy searching for his roots in a beautiful island full of wonders. It is the 1st brand new film to be screened at Cine Lokal in select SM Cinemas beginning September 15.

For more details about this movie you may follow & like the film's social media accounts:

Facebook: @ifoundmyheartinsante
Twitter: @heartinsantafe
Instagram: @heartinsantafe

Watch the trailer below

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