'Meteor Garden' Remake to Air in 2018; Is Kris Wu the New Dao Ming Xi?


On April 12, 2001, 16 years ago, Meteor Garden premiered in Taiwan. It was the beginning of a dream. Astart of a phenomenon.

On its 16th anniversary, producer Angie Chai announced that a Meteor Garden remake is slated to air next year.

The reboot has 48 episodes and NT$720 Million budget or 30 times the budget of the original version.

As for the castinf, Chai said:
We may cast newbies, famous personalitie or serious actors.

Most of the fans of Asian drama want Kris Wu to be the new Dao Ming Xi. They even have an online petition.

Kris is a former member of EXO a Chinese-South Korean Pop group.

If Barbie & the original F4 will be part of the remake, Chai said:
We'll see. We're dtill at the screenwriting stave."

The 2018 version will start shooting at the 2nd half of 2017 and be written and directed by the original Headwriter & Director.

Yes! METEOR GARDEN is being remade! An all-new Neteor Garden belonging to your youth!
- Angie Chai

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