Possible Celebrity Housemate: Cutie Pie AXEL TORRES of La Salle Schools


Alexander David B. Torres in real life, this 20 year old Candy Cutie will make you drool

Axel Torres, his screen name, is the elder brother of cutie pie Thomas Torres of La Salle Green Archer. Like his younger brother, Thomas, he is also a basketball player and one of the most popular students in De La Salle Zobel.

Possible Housemate: The Amboy of Pangasinan

A month before the officialopening of Big Brother's house, he walked for a fashion show for the 1st Branch of Nao Do Brazil footwear in the Philippines. And he also did a photoshoot for the May 2014 issue of Chalk Magazine.

Axel is a lucky guy, aside from having good looks, charisma and good life he also has a supportive father Is he the next Celebrity Housemate of Big Brother? Find out on ;Pinoy Big Brother All In.' Hashtag: #PBBALLIN

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