#MAMA2013 Winners & Performances | The 2013 MNet Asian Music Awards


And here are the winners and performances for #MAMA2013: The 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards Hong Kong (Keep reloading or refreshing this page until the show ends)

Live Stream: #MAMA2013 - The Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013 Hong Kong

Kai of EXO opens the show!

Best Dance Performance Female Solo: CL

Best Dance Performance Female Group: SISTAR

Infinite - BTD

Best Music Video: G-Dragon

Infinite peforms Destiny

Best New Female Artist: Crayon Pop

Best Asian Artist - Hong Kong winner Aaron Kwok's performance

Here is Paris Hilton presenting the Best Male Artist award
Best Male Artist: G-Dragon

2NE1 performs their hit single Lonely and their latest single Missing You

Song of the Year: Bounce by Cho Yong-pil

Best Dance Performance Male Solo: Crooked - G-Dragon

Best Vocal Performance Female: U&I - Ailee

It;s time for the Trouble Maker

Ylvis performs his hit single What Does the Fox Say

Best Style in Music: Sistar

Next Generation Global Star Award: A Pink

Worldwide Performer of the Year: Infinite

Artist of the Year: G-Dragon

Best Dance Performance Male Group: SHINee

EXO's #MAMA2013 performance

Best Vocal Performance Male: Lee Seunggi

Best Rap Performance: Dynamic Duo

Best Band Performance: First Love - Busker Busker

Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award: Stevie Wonder

Korean Superstar RAIN makes a big comeback! Watch his performance:

Best Female Group: SNSD

Best Male Group: Infinite

Best Concert Performer: Lee Seung Chul

Best Female Artist: Lee Hyo Lee

Music Makes One performance. It's Stevie Wonder, ladies and gentlemen

Album of the Year: XOXO - EXO

DJ Paris Hilton closes the show!

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