Lyrics: 'ATLAS' (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire OST) - Coldplay


‪#‎CatchingFire‬ Soundtrack News! Coldplay to release 'ATLAS', an original song for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' soundtrack, on August 26th - The band's first-ever song recorded for a motion picture!

Today, Coldplay tweeted the lyrics to the song (click the image below to see them larger).

by Coldplay

Some saw the sun

Some saw the smoke

Some heard the gun

Some bent the bow

Sometimes the wire must tense for the note

Caught in the fire, say oh

We’re about to explode

Carry your world, I’ll carry your world

Some far away

Some search for gold

Some dragon to slay

Heaven we hope is just up the road

Show me the way, Lord because I

I’m about to explode

Carry your world

I’ll carry your world

Carry your world and all your hurt

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