DO-SSANT It Look So Good?


What’s all the ongoing hype about this curious combination of the croissant and donut, commonly known as a cronut? There must be something to this latest baked goods innovation that has everyone abuzz. Thankfully, Mister Donut has come up with its own version through the delectable Do-ssant.

That flaky texture coupled with a delicious Bavarian cream filling is just so desirable. With various flavors to choose from such as Sugar-raised, Cinnamon, Glazed, or Dark Chocolate, anyone can fulfill their dream of being a pastry gourmand. And priced at only P65 each, you don’t have to spend so much in order to thoroughly enjoy this foodie treat. Pair it with a cup of Mister Donut’s world-renowned coffee and you’ve just taken café culture to another level.

These freshly baked donut croissants are only available at Mister Donut Greenhills for the meantime. So, go ahead right now and grab a box of 6 to share with your family and friends. With everyone wanting to get a hold of such a creative pastry, discover why this Do-ssant definitely tastes as good as it looks.

There are also other items offered at this 24-hour branch such as Japan’s no. 1 chewey donut, the original Pon de Ring. Donut burgers, all-day breakfast meals, premium croissant sandwiches, milkshakes and desserts can be sampled from the present menu for everyone to enjoy as well.


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