Rescue 5 launches activity book on disaster preparedness


Kids enjoyed their activity books, but did so while learning something that could save their lives. Almost 600 Grades 2 and 3 students of San Vicente Elementary School in Angono, Rizal received the Rescue 5 activity books on disaster preparedness during its launch last Friday, June 28, in time for the National Disaster Consciousness Month this July. Along with the activity books, the Rescue 5 team also distributed 72-hour survival kits (backpacks containing a whistle, flashlight, crayons, notebook, pencil, clay and ready-to-eat snacks) to the students.
Ten-year old Jhon Romulo “Jhon-Jhon” Vasquez, a Grade 3 student at San Vicente Elementary School, recalls how their house was submerged in floodwater during the onslaught of Habagat, in August of last year. “The floodwater kept rising,” Jhon-Jhon says. “My family and I were forced to climb our rooftop, and were able to save only a few of our belongings.” Most of Jhon-Jhon’s schoolmates were also heavily affected by the Habagat flooding, especially since their town is located near Laguna de Bay.

The schoolchildren excitedly answered their activity books, while Rescue 5 recruits Manu Sandejas and Shawn Yao guided them. Rescue 5 host Paolo Bediones also conducted a disaster preparedness demo which includes making an improvised flotation device, and doing the “drop, cover, and hold on,” during an earthquake.

“We came up with the Rescue 5 activity book to motivate kids to learn about disaster preparedness,” says News5 Public Service Head Sherryl Yao. “By coloring and answering the different activities like puzzles and mazes, they can easily remember what to do during floods, fires, and earthquakes. It also makes the learning more fun and enjoyable.”

Ventriloquist WanLu and Marvin the Magician also performed to add more fun to the program.

The Rescue 5 activity book has passed the review of the Department of Education (DepEd). According to DepEd Bureau of Elementary Education Director Marilyn Dimaano, “this material (activity book) will help create awareness on disaster preparedness among our pupils.”

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