Is Nora Aunor the Cause of Delay of 'Never Say Goodbye' Pilot Airing?


With preparations in full swing for romantic-drama 'Never Say Goodbye,' TV5 is faced with an inevitable setback. The pilot airing, which was originally set for January 28, will now be moved to February 11, 2013. Word has it that Nora Aunor reports on set but is limited to taping fewer scenes than originally planned. Is it the rigorous taping schedule and heavy scenes that finally took a toll on Nora Aunor’s health? But she did 'Thy Womb' which has severe conditions compared to Never Say Goodbye but no reports of delays or setbacks came out.

The whole cast and crew films the different scenes in chilly Baguio, not to mention they have to travel back to hot and sunny Manila after every taping day. Maybe the constant change in temperature affected the Superstar’s well-being.

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