Casting Call for an American Film


Do you want to be part of an American film? Well, here's your chance!

Need the following characters ASAP:

Male early 20's to late 20's - Lean, tall, clean cut but with cold cunning eyes, handsome, physicall fit, willing to do stunt
Male 20-25yo as marine newbies, physically fit, can act, follow instructions, willing to do stunts
Male early 20's to late 20's handsome with an of arrogance about him, physically fit willing to do stunt
Male 50-60yo elegant, authoritative looking,
Male 25-35yo bigman with muscles from head to toe, can act and follow instructions willing to do stunts
Male 45-55yo physically fit, can do stunts
Male 30-40yo hard eyed, has body full of scars, and crude prison tats, can act
Male 20-40yo foreign looking, or foreigner as USMC
General roles: priority those who can speak
english fluently. Shoot will be on February-March 2013.

Just tweet me (@byxspeaks) for other details.

Qualified individual will be ask to audition for an specific roles

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