The Ice Queen Cometh on 'Enchanted Garden'


Evil queen Helfora returns in this week’s Enchanted Garden. Playing the pivotal role in the series is seasoned character actress Bing Loyzaga, who will once again excite audiences in yet another stellar performance.

“Playing Helfora and her human persona Emilia is challenging yet exciting. Challenging in the sense that I need to be bad and cunning despite the fact that majority of the viewers are kids. Exciting naman because of my costume and the interesting scenes that we take. We tape these scenes in a very cold, freezing place which is very apt for my character as Ice Queen. Expect a very different Eden – dull, no more plants, full of ice and ruled by me,” she shared.

After Michiko’s death and destruction of the Helfora tree, a small branch managed to enter the mortal world. Helfora’s spirit then took the form of a snake. It crept along the forest and saw an unconscious woman named Emilia who was gravely bruised by her abductors. Helfora bit Emilia and took her form. With her new appearance, the evil queen is determined to take Eden back from the Diwanis. Where will her vengeance take her? What will she do to take over Eden?

Follow Helfora as she unleashes her fury on Eden on Enchanted Garden from Mondays to Fridays at 6:30PM with a catch-up marathon every Sunday, 10:30AM on TV5.

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