VIDEO: Piolo Pascual & Maja Salvador 'Caught KISSING' | OMG!


OMG! Star Magic talents Maja Salvador and Piolo Pascual were caught kissing. Is this the start of something new? Hmmmm...

According to the video's uploader habibi abi:

My car was parked near the celebrities entrance/exit area..... The show was finished & was about to get in my car & saw Maja stopped a sports car... I thought 'twas Matteo Gudicelli but found out 'twas Piolo & captured this pics thru my iPhone.....

Maja Salvador bids goodbye to Piolo w/ a romantic kiss on last nights event(star Magic Concert).....nov.24,2012,,,after the SunPiologyRun...Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio

But according to YouTube user Paty Reyes:

I was there too last Saturday. Maja was just super witty! She's very vocal na crush niya si Papa p. May I just correct, They aren't kissing! beso lang. Maja was just acting/posing na super sweet kay Papa p and papa p was gentleman enough na hindi tanggihan si Maj. There not flirting at all. Naglolokohan at nagsasayahan lang. Cute lang.

While agapita chabelita said:

I was there too! nakita ko sila true nga yan hay kakilig bagay nman sila e

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    Thanks so much for this Byx! NKKLK si Ate! Ahihihihihi.

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