HUNGER GAMES UPDATE: 'Catching Fire' Filming at Marriott Marquis Hotel, Woody Harrelson Spotted


OMG! The cast and crew of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' have still one more week to film some scenes in Atlanta before moving to Hawaii for the Quarter Quell arena scenes.

And just few days ago, a 'Hunger Games' fan Sally Keiser posted on her Facebook account the photo (above) of Peacekeepers stationed inside Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. She even said on he Facebook:

Hunger Games 2 is filming in my hotel right now. I just saw Woody Harrelson.

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Woody Harrelson is playing the role of Haymitch, 2nd Quarter Quell Victor and Current Mentor of District 12' Tributes.

Wow! The whole set looks exciting! Tick. Tock. The clock is ticking. Can not wait for November 21st, the Philippine release date.

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