'Ashes of Eden' Rolls Into Production


With a cast that brings to mind “The Outsiders” and mixing in stylized cars worthy of the motor state of Michigan, the feature film “Ashes of Eden” rolled into production on October 29th, 2012.

This film is an inspirational tale of youthful decisions that brings to mind “American Graffiti” for a new generation. The world of “Ashes” is harsher than the 50’s world depicted in George Lucas’s classic.

The same life choices are applicable and the consequences of this age are even greater now. The story is about a female police officer played by Melissa Anschutz who’s son Red, played by newcomer Steven Sutherland walks a dangerous line; a shadowy line that divides criminal and lawful citizen. External influences pull at Red from both sides. On one side, the positive schoolteacher played by Michael Joiner (The Grace Card) and on the other side, a local drug dealer played by DJ Perry (Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith).

The film directed by Shane Hagedorn from his own script has the potential to become a dramatic classic. The film is being shot in Mid-Michigan with a mostly all Michigan crew. Three Lansing, Michigan companies New House Entertainment, Collective Development Inc. and Ahptic Productions have all come together to shepherd this project. Several distributors have already taken interest in the film. They plan to have a Michigan premiere in 2013 before assigning worldwide distribution.

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