Dark Horror Thriller 'Donors' Releases New Posters


The dark horror thriller 'Donors' starring Niki Saletta (7th Heaven), DJ Perry (Darkest Night) and introducing Russ Clark, a Yuma, AZ radio show personality in his first starring role. This intense mind-twist is being produced by Paisaen Productions in association with Collective Development Inc. Charles Pisaeno wrote and directed the film in Yuma, AZ. Most recently Paisaen and Perry and their two companies participated in the production of 'Deadly Renovations' directed by Robert Gwinn and released domestically with Midnight Releasing. It is now on DVD/VOD and can be found at Blockbuster, Amazon, Netflix and various rental/retail/VOD outlets and locations.

The film is about a manipulative woman (Saletta) with a questionable past who is abducted by a demented and mysterious Dr. Savior. (Perry) She desperately attempts to have anyone respond to her plea for help via cell phone. The problem seems to be that nobody believes her story save radio host Russ Clark.

The film is in post-production and will be scored by Michigan-based composer Dennis Therrian. 'Donors' is slated to be completed early in 2013. They have just released new conceptual posters that give audiences a first look at the film’s antagonist, Dr. Savior.

“It has been an honor to join the ranks of masked villains in motion picture.” - DJ Perry

It is also rumored that Perry plays a partially masked villain known as 'Mr. Creepy' in another horror film 'Locked in a Room,' that just delivered to their distributor. They are soon to announce the deal on that film directed by Larry Simmons and also produced in association with Collective Development Inc.

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