YouTube Sensation Cece Frey Joins Demi's Solo 17-24s of 'X Factor USA' (Season 2)


New season of 'The X Factor USA' about to begin to tomorrow only on Studio 23 at 7PM with encore run at 10:30 PM

New season means new cities, new hosts, new faces, new judges and new catgories. One of the 2 new categories this season is the Solo 17-24s category which will be mentored by Demi Lovato.

And one of the lucky contestants of this category is YouTube sensation CeCe Frey. From Decatur, MO, she went to Kansas City to audition where she performed the Christina Aguilera song 'Ain't No Other Man.' The four judges said yes to her, on that audition, Simon Cowell was sick so the UK judge Louis Walsh took his seat.

According to CeCe, she wants to be a pop star and to succeed as much as she wants to breathe. She posted on her Facebook:

I'm obnoxious, loud, and I talk way to much most of the time. I can sing opera, chyea, I can. I cuss like a sailor, wish that I didn't, and I go to church every Sunday. I am a goody two-shoes. I am a total dork.

CeCe will be back in 'The X Factor USA' for the Live Shows under Solo 17-24s next month.

Here's one of her YouTube cover which got 400,000 views

Photo via Cece

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