THE BOURNE LEGACY's Behind The Scene & Rooftop Rescue Clips


'Entertainment Tonight' featured the behind the scenes of the upcong action film 'The Bourne Legacy,' starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross/Kenneth Gibson, an agent of Operation Outcome who was described as "Treadstone, [but] without the inconsistency," Rachel Weisz as Dr. Stephanie Snyder and Edward Norton as Byer, the film's primary antagonist.

ET aired footages of Jeremy doing his own stunts in Manila.

Universal released a new clip from the film - Rooftop Rescue which featured some Tagalog (Pinoy) movie lines like “Hinto, huminto ka!” and “Mga kapitbahay! Pulis! Pulis!”

'The Bourne Legacy' will be released in the Philippines on August 8th and in the US on August 10th.

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