CONFIRMED: Phillip Phillip's Winning Song 'Home' Is ORIGINAL


Is Phillip Phillip's coronation song 'Home' not original?

The debate has started when an Idol fan tweeted this video minutes after Phillips performed this song last Tuesday (US Time):

Watch Phillip's version of 'Home' which received a standing ovation from the judges.

But according to Greg Holden, one of the composers of the song, it is an original song for Phillip Phillips:

Just to clear up a lot of confusion, and incorrect information flying about online. This is a song written by myself, and LA writer Drew Pearson. It was picked to be used by American Idol finalist Phillip Phillips for his original song. This is how all songs are picked on these types of shows and the fact that he didn't write it, or I have already played it live, doesn't change anything.

Phillip is a talented guy and made this song his own. I couldn't be more excited for him and that the song is getting this kind of exposure and being performed by a great singer like Philip... check out his American Idol performance here

Oh and you can buy my new album "I Don't Believe You" over on iTunes or Amazon... might as well plug that while I'm getting this unexpected exposure..

This is footage of me playing 'Home' at Luxor Live in Arnhem, Holland in April 2012

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