Trailer: 'Salo' Starring Kristoffer King


Narito ang trailer ng pinakabagong indie film ni Kristoffer King ang 'Salo' (International Title: 'Share').

Kasama rin sa pelikulang ito sina Paolo Rivero, Perla Bautista, Jeff Luna, Anita Linda at mula sa panulat at direksiyon ni Miko Jacinto.


Rene (Paolo Rivero) is supporting his ailing grandmother by running the family business. His grandmother’s friend is constantly trying to set him up with various women, hoping that he’ll finally settle down. What she doesn’t know is that Rene is gay and that he’s in love with his driver, Levi (Kristoffer King).

Rene is far too shy and reserved to ever admit his love, but one weekend, his inhibitions go away as he takes a trip to the seaside with his beloved driver, who might be hiding a secret of his own. When they return to the city, neither is prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Photo by CMV- Laservision Berlin and FDL Entertainment

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