The Grandest 'Big Brother' House


Just two days before the Opening Night of the latest 'Celebrity Big Brother 9 (UK)', OK! Magazine UK released the photos of the newest Big Brother House in UK.

By far, this is the grandest and most-beautiful 'Big Brother' House in the world, and yes people, Celebrities deserve this house.

Here's the Art Deco-inspired plush bedroom (gosh this place is LOVE)

The living room is so GLAM!

The staircase...

The hot tub

And the best and most-exciting part of the house is... The Woodland shower... Ohhhh I love it!!!!

So excited to see the new Celebrity Housemates... So excited for the Jedward Twins. 'Celebrity Big Brother' returns on Thursday on Channel 5, at 9pm.

Photos via OK! Magazine UK by Channel 5

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