American Actor DJ Perry Leads Asian Invasion


Gothic Productions International, a Philippine company funded by U.S. independent
resources, has finished shooting it latest production, a horror film titled 'Darkest Night' in Luzon. The film has almost all Filipino actors, as well as American DJ Perry of 'The 8th Plague', 'Wicked Spring' and many
other popular U.S. horror films. The film also sports Malaysian talent, to round out its international cast and crew.

Versatile actor/producer Perry has never abandoned his humble horror roots despite starring in more mainstream films such as 'Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town', and 'Wicked Spring'. Some of his horror films showcase relatively common themes, for example, 'GPS', playing currently on the U.S. Chiller TV. However, he is constantly challenging himself to seek out projects with a unique twist or edge.
Still trying to find its home in the U.S. is the mystical 'Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation' that played theaters and festivals around the world. 'Karma' was filmed in India. Now he is just returning from the Philippines where he completed filming on 'Darkest Night'.

This international film is already creating a splash in the Asian media with Perry being among the first American stars to film in the Philippines with a local film company. In media talks, he credited Asian filmmakers for revitalizing the horror genre and influencing a stagnant U.S. horror scene that limps along on remakes and sequels stripped of originality.

At best, most original U.S. horror films are remakes of Asian films that somehow lose their magic in translation, according to Perry. 'Darkest Night' came about as a collaboration between Collective Development Inc. in the U.S. owned by Perry and business partner Jeff Kennedy, along with Gothic Productions International in the Philippines. The goal was simple – to create a hybrid horror film that would appeal to both eastern and western markets while not losing the edge that makes Asian horror unique.

Perry's character in the film, Ken Tyler, is introduced to the traditional Filipino parents of his Filipino fiancé, Susan Reyes, played by Anne Gauthier, during a Christmas Day family reunion. What follows is a dark, horrific trip not to be missed, as demonic forces come into play.

The film will have a November or December 2011 premiere. This opening is expected to be followed up by theatrical play in the Philippines and then across eastern Asia. Talks are currently underway with distributors in the U.S. for the rights.

Perry said:

The world is getting smaller due to the way we communicate. And soon we will have more international stars of TV and screen versus just national or territorial stars.

You can check out the film further by visiting its Facebook page. Also, the GPI
website contains additional information about 'Darkest Night' at:

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