'X Factor USA' Grand Finals Will Air on ABS-CBN


It's Bootcamp time on 'X Factor USA' next week, the 3rd level of the show after Producers' Auditions (off cam) & the Judges' Auditions. Guess what? ABS-CBN will air the show's Grand Finals this December, though they bought the franchise rights of 'The Voice' which will air next year.

This show has 10-12 Million viewers since the openinh telecast last week but 'American Idol 10' still the No. 1 show in the US for 2011 with 22-29M viewers. The 1st episode of 'X Factor' had 12M viewers, 7.2% Ratings, 12% Share, 4.4/12 from ages 18-49. Not so good results for a much-awaited show but still (super) higher than the 1st season of 'American Idol'. Both shows air on FOX.

On October 12, Judges' Houses are going to start. The Judges are also the Mentors. Each judge will pick Top 6 from his/her group (Total: 24) and thet will reveal it on Oct. 25.

The Live Shows will start on Nov. 2 and the season finale will be on Dec. 21 & 22 (22 & 23 in Manila.

Expect Rihanna, Winning Judge & more. Join Simon, LA, Nicole, Paula and Presentor (UK Term) Steve Jones in the coming months on the 'X Factor'.

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    October 1, 2011 at 1:08 PM | Permalink

    Wrong news po ito... Dahil last week pa pinalabas ang X Factor USA sa Studio 23 mukhang huli na po kayo sa balita... X Factor Philippines yung pinopromo nila na letter "X" logo... Both The Voice at X Factor nakuha ng ABS-CBN ang franchise...

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