Special 'Deathly Hallows 2' Announcement from Warner Bros to Happen on September 20


Calm Byx, calm!!! Oh golly I am so excited... I miss doing 'Harry Potter' news here (I think I'm ready to do this again, I already accepted that the Potter films are over and I need to move on but Harry Potter will always be in my heart)

So here we go, do you remember guys my tweet before about the special announcement of Warner Bros. Entertainment for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2'? Many weeks ago, my source told me about this and s/he said that the said announcement will happen on the 30th of September.

And here is the latest update from Warner Bros. Entertainment, the special global announcement will happen on September 20, 8:01 AM UK Time or 4-5PM Manila Time.

The announcement will be focused on the Home Video (DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D) and Video on Demand formats. According to some reports, Warner Bros. Entertainment will also release a special 'Deathly Hallows 1 and 2' in one DVD/Blu-ray/Blu-Ray 3D. Like before, many Home Video Stores and Online Stores are expecting big sales once the last Potter film releases in Home Video formats.

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' is the 3rd Highest-Grossing Film of All Time or the Highest-Grossing Non-Cameron Film of All Time.

Yeah The epic ends. The magic lasts.

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