'Harry Potter', 'Spider-Man', 'Cleopatra' Join the List of Top 10 Most-Expensive Movies of All Time


Edward Bovingdon of Yahoo! Movies listed the Top 10 Most-Expensive Movies of All Time. Don't worry old movies are included... he used a formula to get the 2011 value of those old films.

10th: King Kong / Spider-Man 2
The film of Peter Jackson about a monster that looks like a gorilla had a budget of £129 million whilst the 2nd installment of Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' had a budget of £124 million. Due to inflations, each film has now a value of £145 million

9th: Avatar
This 3D film is the Highest-Grossing film ever and the only film to reach the $2-Billion mark. The cost for this film was £148 million to make which slightly inflates to £152 million in today’s cash.

8th: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
The cost of the 2nd installment of 'Pirates of Carribean' was £153 million (2011 value).

7th: Waterworld
This 1995 film, starring Kevin Costner had a cost of £109 million making it £157 million in today's value.

6th: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
On the 6th place is the 6th film of 'Harry Potter' film series, and the only 'Harry Potter' film to enter the Top 10. Costing a £156 million, the film is based on the 6th 'Harry Potter' book of JK Rowling.

5th: Tangled
This animated film was released late last year with a cost of £160 million. Can't believe that this film is more expensive than all 'Harry Potter' films.

4th: Spider-Man 3
The final installment of Sam Raimi's film 'Spider-Man' had a cost of 167 million. This film is still the Highest-Grossing Film in the Philippines.

3rd: Titanic
As of 1997, this is the only film to have a budget more than £100 million which is now equivalent to £171 million in 2011's cash. For many years, this film owned the title of being Highest-Grossing Film after being dethroned by 'Avatar'. This film will gain box-office success again next year as the producers going to release the film in 3D cinemas.

2nd: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
The 3rd installment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' had a cost of £195 million in today's money.

1st: Cleopatra

This 1963 film is the Most-Expensive Film of All Time with £27 million cost in 1963 money. if you will convert it to 2011's money the cost would be £196 million.

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Source: Edward Bovingdon of Yahoo! Movies


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