'Leaving Hogwarts' Theme Played on the Epilogue of 'Deathly Halllows 2'


Some of the cast and few lucky Potterheads watched Special Screening of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' in Leicester Square. And one of the cast who watched was Scarlett Byrne or Pansy Parkinson in the film series.

She tweeted:

Soooooo excited on the way to Leicester square to see the screening for HP and the Deathly Hallows part 2!!

HP and the deathly Hallows part 2 was UNREAL!! Can't wait to see it again next thursday :) yey!!!!

And one of the lucky Potterheads who watched the said screening was Chace and according to him the 'Sorcerer's Stone' track - 'Leaving Hogwarts' was played on the epilogue part of the film whilst the 'Deathly Hallows 2' track - 'A New Beginning' was used on the viaduct scene of the Trio.

Here are the questions that were to ask to him:

1) How was the kiss?

2) Did leaving hogwarts play in the epilouge?

3,Do wee See blood coming from Snape's mouth?

4) Which scenes were in The Prince's Tale? Favorite part of the Prince's Tale?

5) When Remus and Tonks hold hands (from the trailer) is this the last time we see them before they die?

6) Did Ron cry when he said goodbye to Harry before Harry left to go to Voldemort

7.) What was the best action sequence?
8.) What was the most emotional moment?
9.) How was Harry and Voldemort falling off the cliff and flying around?
10.)Was this the best potter film?

11)How was the cinematography of the film? On par with HBP, better or not as good?

12)How was the Prince's Tale and Rickman's performance?

13)How was the King's Cross/Limbo sequence? How was the set of the scene? Heavenly? A white platform?

14)Snape's Death. How was this scene? Emotional? A bit gory? Did Harry just leave Snape's body there or did he put him in a boat?

15)How long are the two halves of the battle? Did they include footage we haven't seen at all? Do we see the Grounds (slopes) and Hagrid's Hut during the battle scenes at all (any tracking shot or wide shot etc)? Do we see the Perimeter Walls and Gates from HBP at all?

16)Does 'Lily's Theme' play in the film's opening? If not, where does it play?

17)Do Dementors chase the Trio in Hogsmeade?

18)How long was the film? 130 with or without end credits? Did it feel rushed at all?

19)Does Harry walk through the castle and grounds on his way to the forest? (except for the goodbye scene with Ron and Hermione!)

20)How emotional was the Resurrection Stone sequence?

21.) Do we see the complete potters death scene

22. Does Nigel take the place of Colin?

23.) Is their anything bad about the film?

24.While Nagini is getting killed ,Whats voldy's reaction?

25: Did Harry explain later that he defeated Voldemort because he was the true master of the Elder Wand? Is there a flashback?

26) How was the scene when Voldemort arrives at the courtyard with Harry´s body?

27) Is the elder wand theory explained properly?
28) I heard there's a part in the Prince's Tale that shows Draco with the elder wand, is that true?
29) Does Voldemort disintegrate completely or is his body still left behind when he's killed?

30) How about the score? Does it feel epic when used in the film? Is it overused or underused, and was it the best score yet (in the film?)

31.) Does music play when Harry and Voldemort are in the courtyard during the very final wand duel?

32. Were there end credits when you saw the film? If so, what was the animation like?

33. Also, how does the Warner Bros. And the HP Logo look like?

34)How and What happens when Harry meets the Grey Lady?

35. How does Harry reveal himself in the courtyard in front of Voldemort?

36. Do the DE apparate into the Great Hall or fly through the broken window left by Snape in the final showdown?

37) In which scene we watch Voldemort really angry: at the Malfoy´s Manor or at Gringotts?

-38) How was Gringotts? Did the 'mines' look stunning?
-39) Were the effects good? Meh-to-Exceptional.
-40) How was the Chamber of Secrets? Better or same than clip?
-41) Is this an Oscar-contender (any category)?
-42) How did the Protection application and Protection destruction scene playout?
43). The pacing of each scene, was it perfect?
44-) Is the "Why do you live" scene in the movie?
45). Was Dumbledore's wonderful line of " Of course this is happening inside your head.." line in ? ( This may have been confirmed by others but I prefer to hear it from you. )
46.) What happened immediately after Voldemort died? Was the space between Voldemorts death and the Epilogue rushed at all?
47.) What is the final shot in the movie?
48) Is the two-way mirror done justice, and does it make sense even though it wasn't introduced in film 5?
49. What were the last shots of the Order and Neville and the rest of the cast.
50) Does the sorting hat get set on fire and does Neville wear the hat?
51) Does narcissa whisper to harry?
52)Do we see THE END at the end?

53)Can you name some Harry and Ginny moments? And how was there kiss?
54) Can you describe the opening montage?
55) How was the great hall scene with dead fred?

Here are his answers:

1. The kiss was great. It's obscured with their heads but I'd say it goes on for like 6 -7 seconds, but it's great. They have a cute giggle afterwards.

2. LEAVING HOGWARTS DID PLAY! Right at the very end. I have to say, the epilogue was great. Look forward to that part.

3. Blood from Snape's mouth...I can't remember??? I don't think so, but there is quite a bit of blood. Harry keeps him alive to talk by pressing his hand at his neck to stop the blood flow.

4. Scenes in the Princes Tale: Young Lily and pertunia on the hill with the opening flower and they see a young snape. Lily and Snape on the river bank and him telling her about magic. Lily getting sorted into gryffindor. James knocking into snape in the corridor. Snape holding a dead Lily. Snape and Dumbledore's conversations about Harry and Lily and Harry getting sorted into gryffindor. My favourite part? All of the princes tale was good, i really don't have a favourite part.

5. Lupin and Tonks holding hands...I think that is the last time we see them before we see them dead on stretchers in the hall. I actually can't remember that shot in the film.

6. Ron didn't cry before harry went to voldemort. But it's not bad. Hermione gets pretty emotional because she "apparently" suspected for quite some time that Harry was a horcrux. But you can tell he's upset but subtly, there is sort of a hidden understanding between the two of them when harry leaves.

7. Best action sequence? Wow, killing me. I think the Harry and Voldemort stand off at the end. Spectacular. And he really kicks the crap out of Harry aswell.

8. The most emotional moment by far was the resurrection stone part. It was really sad but really well done.

9. Harry and Voldemort falling off the cliff was good. Dan says the line different in the film though, it's a better delivery aswell but when they were flying around, it was weird. It was like their face was merging into one but it's a good scene.

10. I don't think I can judge it as the best Potter film becuase for me, it didn't feel like it's own film because from the very beginning it just gets on with it. It starts immediately where it left off. If you realy want me to? It proabably was. The acting was great, the special effects were SUPERB and it just felt more grown up in tone and darkness.

11. Cinematography was good. There was just so much going on that I don't think it was on the same standard as HBP. But the colours were great and there were some really stunning angles. But HBP was in a league of it's own, I think.

12. Princes's Tale was great, it was just great. It was about 5 - 7 minutes. When you see it two weeks you'll agree and I've said what it consists of above anyway. Alan Rickman... ^:)^

13. King's cross sequence was great. It was basically a white platform. The ugly voldemort soul baby thing was hidious, but perfect. The dialogue was great and both Gambon and Radcliffe give good performances.

14. Snape's death wasn't really made to feel emotional until up to the point where Harry collects his memories and that's when you're like...oh, shit. Voldemort doesn't show the same remorse for his action as he does in the book though. It is quite brutal. Voldemort slits his throat but you see the blood thorugh his shirt thing and then Nagini lunges at him several times and there's quite a bit of blood splattered on the windows etc.

15. The battle wasn't really split into halves, it just has a constant presence thorughout the film. When Herry and Hermione need to get from place to place they have to run through the battle and fight a bit. I don't remember seeing Hagrids hut but it could be in there. We do see the slopes of Hogwarts quite a bit, when Voldemorts troups are running across it etc. There are a few tracking shots, like that death eater one in the trailer which carries on for a few secs. There is a lot of great footage of the battle to see ;)

16. Lily's theme does play in the opening.

17. Dementors don't chase them in hogsmeade, but some death eaters are stationed there and the alarm that someone's arrived sets off and they know it's Harry until, of course, aberforth rescues them.

18. The film was obviously around two hours and definetely felt like the shortest film. I don't know exactly becuase they took our phones before we were allowed into the screen. It didn't feel rushed...but it felt over all too quickly! :-) But that was probably becuase I enjoyed it so much. The beginning was quite fast paced, shell cottage, gringotts etc. But the rest was perfect.

19. Harry walking thorugh the castle on the way to the forest? I don't think so. The only time we see him in the castle before he's in the forest is when he's saying goodbye to ron and hermione.

20. I've answered this one already practically.

21. No, we don't see the complete Potter's death scene. Just lily talking to harry when he's in the cot and then a flash back to that shot in movie 1 where she's getting AK'd by Voldemort.

22. Didn't really see Nigel in the film. He's not really in it. But he was in the credits so he must have been in the background somewhere.

23. Anything bad about the film? Not really...LOL. I know that's a bit sceptical but nothing really stands out to me as generally bad. Maybe...one too many "humorous" one-liners during the beginning part of the battle scenes??? But not really. Thing is, they were'nt even bad, they were funny but I can see that annoying some people.

24. Nagini gets killed while he and harry anre having the final stand off so you don't see his reaction and voldy never knew nagini was killed.

25. No, I don't think so. He tries to when they're on the astronomy tower thing but all voldy wants to do is kick the crap out of him (which he does!) Harry later explains that he's the master of the elder wand to ron and hermione on the bridge.

26. Good. Ginny screams but Arthur holds her back and I actually thought Fiennes was great in this scene as he asks the goodies to join him. Neville gives a great speech, look out for it :-)

27. Elder wand theory is explained well enough. All the important stuff is there. It was actually explained pretty well for the film, i have to say.

28. Draco malfoy in the princes tale? Don't recall it. Possibly, but i can't remember... :-/

29. He disintergrates...you see it a lot in his face but it's slow and effective. The sort of ash rises up in the air.

30. The score was EPIC! Courtyard apocalypse was used to great effect several times!

31. I think music plays when harry and voldy are duelling, i think it does...yes.

32. The end credits were like DH1. Pretty much the same, I think.

33. The WB logo is smooth silver.

34. When Harry meets the Grey lady, he's just trying to persuade her to tell him the hiding place. They don't go ito the while story like they do in the book but it's a good scene. She's made out as quite shy and fearful.

35. When Neville (or voldemort) are about to attack, he whips off the cloak and fires a curse then runs and voldemort chases after him and that's how the sequence starts. Its really cool.

36. The Death eaters just enter the grounds. Initially they are held off by the protection sphere around the castle but then Voldy destorys it and they rush inside. There's quite a funny sequence with Neville and the big non death eater bad croud as they can't get in and he's watching them.

37. We don't see Voldy get angry, but there is a scene where he's walking around the big room at Malfoy Manor with nagini and there are all the goblins involved at Gringotts lying dead all over the floor surrounded by blood. And you just see the malfoys looking down at the scene like....wtf have we allowed to happen in our house, wtf am i doing on this planet.

38. The mines in gringotts are great, the whole set was just stunning. The dragon flight was great, the dragon was great. bloody hell, everything was great, lol. You saw it in the clip, practically. The cart ride was a sight to see in 3D.

39. The effects was SUPERB! The COS tsnami looks alot better on the big screen, i have to tell you. They're are not in your face which is another good thing. The film is a perfect balance of spectacle and drama.

40. The cos scene wasn't edited down in any way and nothing was added but other scenes of harry running up the stairs and voldemort in another location were interspersed while the scene plays out.

*Oh and someone was saying about being disappointed a different shot wasn't used for lily's death? It's good in the film, trust me. But they do have the haunting shot of lily lying dead on the floor! And then snape going to hold her and crying!

41. Oscar nom catergories? Special effects by far. Definetly art direction becuase some of the set pieces were stunning. I think music beacuse the soundtrack was just epic. Possibly an acting nom for alan rickman becuase he was incredible.

42. Practically answered this.

43. Tthe protection application is just a short mini montage of the professors and mrs weasley shootin the protection out of their wands to the sky to form it. The sphere is destroyed by voldemort but afterwards he is considerably weaker becuase he obviously used alot of power from the elder wand to do it. The elder wad cracks a bit. It's quite cool.

44. The "why do you live scene" is NOT in the movie.

45. Dumbledore's great line from the kings cross scene WAS in the movie! :-)

46. It wasn't rushed, but it was quite mellow, so don't expect some big euphoria thing. Harry just enters the great hall and finds everyone mingling. Harry, ron and hermione then on the bridge where " a new beginning" does play. Then the epilogue where "nineteen yers later" does appear on the screen.

47. Final shot of the movie? Argh...I think a near close up of Harry, I'm sure of it... Not sure, and I know that's a criminal thing to forget! lol.

48. The two way mirror scene is revealed well enough. Harry gets all defensive becuase Dung sold it to aberforth etc when it was sirius's.

49. Last shots of the order and Neville was probably them in the Great hall.

50. No, the sorting hat is not set fire to and neville never wears it. He picks it up later in the film i think, amongst the ruins, not sure.

*When harry goes inside voldys mind when they drop into the lake from the dragon. Thats when he goes mad and shoots spells etc, i think.

51. Narcissa does whisper to Harry and Harry gives a slight nod.

52. We do NOT see "The End" at the end, LOL. And I'm glad they didn't do that becuase the wouldv'e been lame.

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' hits Philippine 3D and 2D Theatres July 14....

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