Fully Booked to Sell the Harry Potter Special Edition of Empire Magazine this June


You want to get the copy of Empire Magazine Harry Potter Finale Special? Here is the message of Fully Booked:

The Empire Magazine Harry Potter is the July 2011 issue. Our suppliers have not yet delivered it to us. What we have now is the June 2011 issue with Daniel Craig. We are not too sure if this will be priced differently than the usual P599 since it is a special issue. We will announce the price along with the delivery :)

The official statement from Fully Booked:

Update for the Empire Magazine Harry Potter July 2011 issue: We will be announcing the arrival of this magazine per branch. We will not be accepting any reservations as supply is quite limited, and we would like for everybody to have a fair chance to own a copy. We have two suppliers one local and one overseas. We will be sure to post an update along with their respective prices per branch.

As of today, there is one copy available in Shangri-La EDSA branch. It is priced at P960. We will be updating everybody when stock comes in.

Photos by Empire
Source: Fully Booked


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