Theatrical Posters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' are Coming


It is confirmed! The theatrical posters of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' are coming... When? I have no idea.

But I asked my Potter friend who is working in one of the cinemas in Asia about the theatrical posters. They are already planning on what design, decors and themes they're going to use.

According to him, there are lots of choices (posters) but only few will be called as theatrical posters. There are lots of photos of the cast, where you can see the epic drama on their faces, great shot, great angle, great acting but the question is the background they're going to use, and the editing. So the epicness of a poster is a combination of an epic shot of the photo + epic editing + epic background. But even the posters are epic, the final decision will still come from the big wigs of the studio, like he said there are lots of posters but only few will be chosen.

When I asked him if the posters are epic, he said, he was told that that the official theatrical poster has a feeling of "Welcome to war!!! This is your last day!!!". He still doesn't know the exact official theatrical poster to be released but he said there is a possibility that the official one will have flying heads like what the Philosopher's Stone' had but still it depends to the big wigs. But that would be a great parallelism of Film 1 and the final film.

There are lots of theatrical posters but there will only be one official theatrical poster, which will be the official face of the film. He also said that some of the theatrical posters will have the horcrux, dragon, wand, fire, goblin, forest, Chamber of Secrets (maybe for background). He also informed me that there is Lupin-Tonks poster but he still doesn't know if WB will release it.

But for some people who knew the release dates, the coming weeks and this week will be magical.

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    Omg! Sounds amazing! I would love if there was a poster designed like Sorcerer's Stone!!!

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