CONFIRMED: Daniel Radcliffe Won't Appear in 'Glee 2' Finale


Just almost 2 weeks before the much awaited season 2 finale (episode 22) of 'Glee', fandom site Hypable reported that 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is going to be a guest star on the said episode.

The final two episodes of 'Glee 2' were shot in New York for the Nationals. And as we all know, Daniel is also in New York for his broadway job.

But the news is not true, again, it is not true!!!! Daniel will not appear in the said musical series. Someone from Tumblr did the magic!

The above photo is one of the scenes from the upcoming 'Funeral' (Episode 21), and who is going to die? Just click here

Photo by Glee Wiki


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