'Deathly Hallows 2' Update: Epilogue Scene to Run for 2 Minutes


Hollywood treats this year as the 'Harry Potter' year as we say goodbye to the biggest movie franchise in the world with the war film 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2'.

One of the most-awaited scenes in this film is the Epilogue. For me, this is going to be an emotional scene cause this is the very last scene in the 'Harry Potter' epic saga. And according to the two Davids: Heyman and Barron, in their latest MTV News interview, the said epilogue scene will run for about two minutes.

David Barron said:
It's not long. It's about two ... a couple of minutes. It's long enough to tell its story. We like it. We think it works well, and it does leave you feeling a bit [emotional].

David Heyman said that the Epilogue is about the cycles of life.
[The epilogue is] about the cycles of life. It's about Harry, Ron and Hermione taking their children to King's Cross station to the very place where the story began, to begin the journey that they began many years ago. It's really beautiful and really tender.

Okay for me the two minutes is short because I do now want the whole series to end. I was a little kid when I first met Harry and now I can not believe that the finale is just hundred days away. I trust David Yates, and I'm sure the Epilogue will be great... and emotional.

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Source: MTV News
Photo: thevine.com.au


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