Want to be part of the International Horror Film 'Darkest Night'?


Here is the continuation of my interview with Sir Russ Williams, the Producer & Writer of the International Horror Film 'Darkest Night'.

I posted on my Facebook fan page about this film and many asked me this question: Do you still need actors to do the cameo roles?
We have many supporting roles still open, so anyone interested can contact Sheena, our Associate Producer, and send her a resume, headshot, and links to their some of their clips. Sheena's email addy is priti_shin@yahoo.com. So contact us ASAP! We also need crew memebers as well, so any resumes to Sheena from film crew folks would also be welcome!

So if you want to be part of this international film and meet the international actor above then send your resume now, as in now, not later, but now, ahahaha!!! If you want to know more about this film, just simply click the photo below. More parts of the whole interview to be posted in the coming days so watch out for that.

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