Sinong Young Actor ang Hinde Nagsusuot ng Underwear sa Shooting?


Dalawang araw na lang nga at masasaksihan na ang premiere night ng indie film na 'Taksikab' na mula sa direksyon ni Archie del Mundo. For more infos about the premiere night of this film just go here. UPDATE: 'Taksikab' Premiere Night Cancelled, to be Rescheduled Soon (for more info, click here)

Ang indie film na ito ay nagtatampok ng ilang maiinit na eksena sa pagitan ng dalawang lalake. At isa sa mga cast na matapang na ginawa ang mga maiinit na eksena na ito ay si Jonas Gruet. Narito ang aking ikalawang bahagi ng aking panyam sa kanya.

After doing ang mga maiinit mong eksena, ano nasabi sa iyo ng naging kapartner mo?
After my scene with Kevin Vitug, we just shook hands and he said at last makakatulog na siya kasi nga puyat kami lahat. I told him buti ka pa, kasi immediately after my scene with Kevin, I had another scene with Marcus Cabrera.

After my scene with Marcus (it was in the shower) wala naman siyang sinabi si pero what happened after that was nag-agawan kami sa nagiisang tuwalya sa banyo (LOL) because the other towel was left on the bed.

Kung suswertehin nga naman ng tuwalya. Pinag-aagawan lang!!!

When was the filming started? Did you enjoy the whole journey of doing a film?
Day one of the shoot was December 4 (2010). Yes even though I did 'Two Timer' in 2002, I did not get to experience auditioning, attending a final audtion/callback, acting workshops/rehearsals, until 'Taksikab'. And of course I enjoy interviews like this and I can't wait for the premiere.

What can you say about your director (Archie del Mundo) and co-actors?
Director Archie Del Mundo mentioned something about foreign movies with frontal nud*ty being tastefully done and this was his vision for 'Taksikab'. I remember after my scene with Marcus, we were watching the playback and he remarked that hindi naman siya bastos and it looks very European. So I think he was successful in achieving his vision. Direk Archie was very fair during the auditions. He ranted that with one particular movie where he was the writer, auditionees who scored high for acting, personality, and looks
were discarded and favorites were given priority. He did the opposite with 'Taksika'b. He was very just. Actually he, producer Ding Buenaventura, and casting consultant Ricky Gallardo were all just because they all had control of casting.

Kay Kevin Vitug. Hindi ko nakita si Kevin sa final casting/audition/call-back. They were waiting for Marco Morales to arrive, he was originally picked to play the part of Troy. I think OK si Marco with the arrangement, yung manager ni Marco ang hindi OK - this is what ***** told me. So Kevin got the part, met him sa acting workshop/rehearsal. He's not your typical indie actor: sa workshop may kasamang driver, may dalang iPad, graduate ng De La Salle College of St. Benilde, and pamangkin siya ni Precy Vitug-Ejercito; Senator Jinggoy's wife. So I'd say he's a cool guy for someone like him to be doing this.

Yup, Kevin is a cool guy cause he even said in an interview:
Jonas and I were able to actually converse with each other before and after the scenes we had to do and we just laugh about it. I’d even casually tell people how he rap*d me in this film. It’s pretty funny.

How about Marcus Cabrera, what can you say about him?
Si Marcus Cabrera is 8 years old and impressive. He's the youngest adult in the cast (the youngest in the cast is Martin Delos Santos who is not even a teenager yet)

At first I thought that Marcus was replaced by Kyro Baldemor, because Marcus was not present at the acting workshop/1st rehearsal. Kyro was there, script in hand, memorizing the lines meant for Marcus' character.

Kyro surprised me, very professional, asking me if II was ready to rehearse the lines with him. I told him since my scene with Kevin was to happen first, sabi ko practice muna kami ni Kevin.

I was impressed by the pace at which Kyro got his lines, ang bilis for a last minute replacement.

Having memorized our scripts, we were then instructed to act the scene in front of Direk Archie and assistant Direk Cicero 'Ching' Danseco to give instructions on blocking, timing, etc.

When we got to our man to man scene I was surprised ('Ching' told me later lumaki daw yung mata ko) that Kyro, who was already in his boxer bri*fs, took off his boxer bri*fs as the script said (remember this was a rehearsal with no pay).

I was wearing a towel because my character just rap*d Kevin's. According to the script I was to remove my towel after Kyro removed his b*xers. I decided to remove my towel na rin, because when your co-actor like Kyro gives more than 100% you cannot afford to give less. You have to match your co-actor's energy. So we were both nak*d - no plaster -and proceeded to do our man to man scene.

But what was more surprising was finding out days later that Marcus, who was out of town the day of rehearsals as it turns out, was still going to be my scene partner. Kyro was still to remain as part of the cast, only this time his partner would be
Dustin Jose as you've seen in Taksikab's 2nd teaser.

Another surprise was during our actual shooting. While Kyro wore boxers under his pants, Marcus, during our actual shooting with no rehearsal, took off his p*nts to reveal that he wasn't wearing any und*rwear. So I'd say that Marcus, at 18, is very brave, and is not intimidated by older actors.

Kalurky!!! Inggit ako!!! Sana andun ako sa shooting at nagmamasid!!!

Abangan ang susunod na bahagi ng aking panayam kay Yum! Yum!

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