Cutie Malaysian Actor Justin Chan Joins the Cast of the Int'l Horror Film 'Darkest Night'


Gothic Productions International is happy to announce the signing of additional acting talent from the Philippines and Malaysia, for their horror production 'Darkest Night' to be filmed on location in Luzon this spring.

'Darkest Night' will have almost all Filipino actors, as well as American DJ Perry of 'The 8th Plague', 'Wicked Spring' and many other popular U.S. horror films. GPI was founded through U.S. independent resources in 2010 by a group of dedicated Filipino filmmakers, with the mission to produce and encourage quality, independent Gothic and horror films in an Asian setting. 'Darkest Night' is directed by experienced Filipino director, Noel Tan. It is written and produced by U.S. screenwriter, Russ Williams.

And here we go let's meet the Malaysian Actor Justin Chan...

Justin Chan, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be playing the black sheep brother in the family, Jeffrey Espino. Chan, a native Malaysian, was trained in the U.K. and spent almost a decade there in the entertainment industry. While in England, he played a role in an HBO production titled 'As You Like It', with Kevin Kline, Alfred Molina and Bryan Blessed (directed by Kenneth Branagh). There, he also did additional work in film, stage, and television. He returned to Malaysia four years ago and continued with similar work.

He played a prominent role in the feature film 'Jarum Halus', which won Best Digital Film at the Malaysian Film Awards in 2008. In 2009, he played the role of Rufus for the television series made for mobile phones, 'Dimensions', alongside Jehan Miskin and Dhanya Nambiar. He will also be in the hit series' second season. Chan also appeared as a lead in Khairil Bahar's (winner of the Anugerah Skrin Award for the film Ciplak) second film, 'London Calling'. He has said he is truly excited about bringing his ample skill and talents to his
'Darkest Night' character, Jeffrey.

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Read here my interview with Sir Russ Williams, the Producer & Writer of this film.


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