Hunk of the Day: Ben Adams of A1


He was known for being the most popular A1 member and for having cheezy hairstyle, Ben Adam is now a hot, sexy, yummy and talented man. I still remember those days, I was a high school student, when I started to admire him, yeah his hair was cheezy but I like it, to be honest, I love it.

Last 2009, I was surprised to see Ben Adams inside the Big Brother's House for 'Celebrity Big Brother' (I actually posted that buzz here) with a new hair-style... and like I said he is a man now and I like him more, I love him more, I admire him more...

Last August 2009, A1 had a reunion concert... and I miss their cheezy songs... but I love their songs...

Thanks to Cecilie Harris for the photo

Thanks to Ben Adams for the following photos

And here is the hot Ben... By the way you can follow him on twitter just click here

Thanks to Cecilie Harris for the photos

Thanks to Cecilie Harris and Ben Adams for the photos


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