'Harry Potter' was Honoured by BAFTA


Though Oscar and BAFTA snub 'Harry Potter' films for 10 years now, the film franchise was being by BAFTA last night (UK Time). Producer David Heyman and author JK Rowling, with actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and some directors and a producer, receive the Outstanding Contribution to the British Cinema Award.

It was so emotional to watch the whole scene, you could the joy, tears, excitement that every Potterheads had gone through and it was like facing the final step, which will be on July. Jo being honoured was so amazing and magical feeling... she deserves this award, she is genius. I'd like to thank this lady for giving life to me... she inspires me to pen. David Heyman is such a humble guy, he always give honour to Jo.

It was lovely to see Jo was pulling Rupert to be on the frame. 'Harry Potter Audiobook (UK)' reader Stephen Fry presented the award, he was so fab. Emma was so classy, lovely and beautiful... love her hair style.

I also love the line:

"Take that TWILIGHT!!!"

Oh well you can watch the whole thing here and the Red Carpet scene of JK Rowling here

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