'Deathly Hallows 2' Update: Full Description of Battle of Hogwarts and The Prince's Tale


Someone from IMDB shared this info.... the description of the Battle of Hogwarts and The Prince's Tale... the most-awaited scenes of the upcoming film 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2'

The Battle

Added scene where Nagini is thrashing around in the Entrance Hall, attacking students. Hermione and Ron try to stop her and she lunges for them, and chases them down a corridor.

Nagini attacks Neville, blurring his vision (POV shot), she wraps himself around him and Neville reaches for the sword and kills her.

The Voldemort/Harry chase - big chase between V and H, V binds H, H sets fire to V's robes

Voldemort throws Wormtail out of a window.

Giants use Quidditch goalposts as weapons

Nigel Wespurt is killed, Neville cradles his body

Voldemort kicks dead bodies aside, Great Hall tables turned in to stetchers for injured and dead

The diadem is destroyed, Harry collpases and has a vision of Voldemort in the boathouse

Lucius, Voldemort and Snape present in Boathouse

Hermione battles Greyback(after attacking Lavender), Neville battles Snatchers(after attacking students)

Hagrid carries Harry's body across the bridge

Final scene: Harry, with Ron and Hermione holding hands, on bridge look upon the ruins of Hogwarts, H: "It's been a long journey", R: "Can't say it's been boring though, mate"

The Prince's Tale

Snape visits Potter's house, approaches baby Harry, and cries.

Snape and Lily scenes, including laying down together near a river watching the sky, playing by the Great Lake at the Boathouse, rejecting him in a Hogwarts corridor, young Petunia, young Sirius, young James, young Lupin all present in script

Gringotts plays out largely like the book, with multiplying burning gold/ cups / etc.

At least now we know why Snape died in romantic way at the Boat House.

Source: IMDB and JasonA

Photo by: Warner Bros. Picture


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