Meet The Hopefuls of 'American Idol 10'


'American Idol (Season 2)' is going to start in 2 days and here are the names of Idol hopefuls who got the golden ticket from the new panel of judges.

Adrian Michael is from Pearland, Texas. A model for Hollister Co. He auditioned in New Orleans, Louisiana.

AJ Melendez, 20 years old, who auditioned in New Jersey

Alex Ryan, a 17-year old high school student from Glen Rock, New Jersey. Others say he is part of the Top 40.

Alexis Wyatt No infos so far.

Ashika Sachdev, a 15-year old from Barrington, Mississippi.

Ashthon Jones from Nashville, TN. She said:

"My voice is a gift from God; so is my talent. There is a sweetness, as well as a rawness about me that I think anybody can relate to. If you put your heart into whatever you want, it will come to pass, I am a living example of that."

Blake White is already 20 years young who auditioned in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bryar Hansen from West Salem, Wisconsin. Auditioned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Caleb Hawley a Berklee College of Music graduate (2007). He auditioned in New Jersey.

Casey Schuber, 17 years old, from Toms River, New Jersey

James Ethan Clark is a folk rock singer from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jessa Yantz aka Jessa Lee, auditioned in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, but is originally from Houston, Texas.

Other Names are:

Brett Loewenstern
Briana Tyson
Brittany Mazur
Casey Abrams
Chelsea Sorrell
Ciara Farrow
Colton Dixon
Danielle Pease
Danny Pate
Emily DeLoach
Eryn Kelly
Erynne Hundley
Esh Sturdivant
Heather Todd
Jacee Badeaux
Jackie Wilson
Jalen Harris
Janelle Arthur
Janine McElhone
Jarrod Matthew
Jeremiah Flockhart
Jerome Bell
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Furney
Jimmie Allen
Joe Lemieux
Joey Dwyer
Jorge "JG" Gabriel
Jovany Barreto
Kate Anderson
Kayla Score
Kenda Mitchusson
Kile Atwater
Kylle Thomasson
Laura May
Lauren Suddeth
Leah Laurenti
Luke Shaffer
Maddie Penrose
Matt Sato
Matt Suyat
Megan Pflueger
Nathan Scarsbrook
Nicole Pennington
Paul McDonald
Pia Toscano
Raion Ramsey
Reagan Lauren
Rebecca "Bekuh Boom" Rose Ryder
Rebecca Rosiere
Sarina-Joi Crowe
Schyler Dixon
Scotty McCreery
Shane Golden
Sophia Shorai
Stefano Langone
Stevie Flockhart
Symphony Howlett
Ta-Tynisa Wilson
Thia Megia
Thiago De Melo
Trent Funderburk

Photos and Source: Pop Tower


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