Kelly Macdonald, 1st Choice To Play Nymphadora Tonks in 'Harry Potter'


We all know that Natalia Tena is playing the role of Nymphadora Tonks in the 'Harry Potter' film series since 'Order of the Phoenix' but guess what she was not the first choice of Director David Yates for the said role.

Another guess what, Yates' first choice was Kelly Macdonald, not the owner of the world famous Mc Donald fast food, but the pretty actress who will play the role of Helena Ravenclaw or the Grey Lady in the upcoming 'Deathly hallows - Part 2'. The said actress revealed the following infos in her recent interview.

"as he's knocked me back a couple to times to play [the Order of the Phoenix member] Tonks in the Harry Potter films"

For me, Kelly is more deserving to be a Grey Lady.


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