The First Look of the New 'Spider-Man'


Like it or not, Andrew Garfield is the new actor who will play the role of 'Spider-Man' and everyone knows that thing. And people are too excited to see Andrew in 'Spider-Man' dress.

And now, the producer of the upcoming film released this photo below showing Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker wearing Mr. Spidey's dress. Oh gosh, it looks like a rubber man or a tire man but my goodness I love his front of all front. Thanks to the designer of this flagship dress cause I love the front tweet of this guy. And take note this actor can really act cause he is nominated in Golden Globe for his role in 'The Social Network'.

The Spider-Man Reboot 3D is going to hit the cinemas next year (2012). Oh well goodluck to you Mr. Spidey!!!

Photo by Columbia Pictures


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