Pope Benedict XVI To Be Arrested In UK


Yah I miss, or we all miss the late and my favorite Catholic Pope, Pope John Paul II of Poland. Yah I love him cause he was such a great Pope and he was the Pope when I was born and baptized as a Catholic.

So now here's the new-but-not-so-new-yet-not-so-popular Pope Benedict XVI...

Scandals in the church in Europe and North America but our dear Pope faced criticism after it emerged that he signed a letter which delayed the punishment of a paedophile priest in the US for the "good of the universal church". So UK is planning to arrest the Pope when he visits the said country and the potential charges would be crimes against humanity. Well, I think our Pope now is doing his best so let's give him a chance... let's wait and see.

Mr Stephens, who has represented abuse victims in the past said:

"The courts will examine the claim of immunity. I believe that an English court would reject it. If the Pope was here on a state visit, ordinarily a head of state would have sovereign immunity. What I believe is that because he's not a sovereign, not a head of state, he's not entitled to the defence."

"This will require the Pope to deal with the way in which he appears to have prioritised the reputation of the Catholic church over the welfare of children."

Well this is the complete article from Press Association

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Source: Press Association


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