Ivan Dorschner A Teen Housemate of 'PBB Teen Clash 2010'?


Ivan Dorschner, 19, born in California, but now living in Manila. Sino ba mag-iisip na isa pala siya, natuklasan siya nang siya ay maglaro sa isang segment ng 'Wowowee', narito ang video

Thanks to him for this info about him I got from his facebook account

I've had friends describe me as a down to earth people person. If im involved in something I like to know about all the sides of the process. In photograpgy for example, I like taking pictures and editing then just as much or even more than being in them.

Im a boyscout in the most sincere essence of the word. I greatly respect hardwork and integrity and can hold my own in the wilderness.

Throughout my life family members, friends and even people who are relative strangers to me have brought up the idea that I should go into modeling/acting and I've decided to take advantage of their opinion.

I do things best when they are laid out in front of me, preferably on some kind of list i can check off. Independent work is definitely not my forte. I find I work well with others and can be the most creative during the process of whatever project we're trying to complete

Source: Ivan Dorschner


  • gravatar nikki
    April 7, 2010 at 7:29 AM | Permalink

    he's so cute. :)

  • gravatar Anonymous
    April 11, 2010 at 1:05 AM | Permalink

    maappeal sya peo my pagka gay lng..
    i want to suck ang fuck IVAN... wow.. a big tit is a choice..
    hihi.. and he is so handsome and cute
    like zac efron and taylor lautner...

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