Tibo Is The FINAL EVICTEE Of 'Pinoy Big Brother Double Up'


That's the latest results of the official poll of 'Pinoy Big Brother Double Up' (Thanks to all MelaSons for this). But here is the latest result (as of 6 February 2010 Afternoon) of my poll for the BIG WINNER (You can still vote vote everyday until 13 February 2010 JUST CLICK HERE!!!)

Here is the result. Tibo got the lowest number of votes he only got 3%, which is his highest since the poll started last week. And based on this poll, Tibo has the big chance to be evicted tonight.

While Melai got the highest number of votes and she is still leading the poll, but she only got 38% (percentage of votes), which is her lowest. Her highest was 63% then from the past few days she maintained 38%.

Second is Paul Jake, but when this poll started, he was 4th Big placer, then few days after he reached the TOP 2 level. His lowest was 10% and his hoghest was 26% but as of now he gets 24%.

Mariel is surprise for me, she is currently the 3rd Big Placer, while Jason is the 4th Big Placer from 2nd Big Placer. While Johan needs to work more.


5 February 2010 (Fri)
BIG WINNER: Melai-379/38% (SAME/+34 votes/SAME)
2nd BIG PLACER: Jake-238/24% (SAME/+17 votes/SAME)
3rd BIG PLACER: Mariel-157/16% (SAME/+14 votes/SAME)
4th BIG PLACER: Jason-134/13% (SAME/+14 votes/SAME)
5th BIG PLACER: Johan-70/7% (SAME/+11 votes/+1%)
BIG 5 RUNNER-UP: Tibo-27/3% (SAME/+4 votes/SAME)

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    February 7, 2010 at 9:13 AM | Permalink

    hay nako inunahan na naman kac ang opisyal na resulta yan tuloy mali na naman ang post mo aha

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