S-EX Scandal: 'Big Brother Finland 2009' Housemates Minna and Esa J


WINNER: Ang pagpapanood sa mga Finnish Housemates ang magkahiwalay na journey nila Cathy (Philippines To Finland) at Kaitlin (Finland to Philippines). Ginawa ito sa Live 'Big Brother (Finland) 2009 Talk Show' na siya ring Eviction Night. After mapanood ang mga eksena na iyon ay inenterview sila ni Vappu (host) then si kaitlin ay umiyak after watching her journey in Philippines. Oh she is so lovely and nice. After that Sarana was evicted last Sunday night (Finland Time):. Here are the videos:

WINNER: Ang mga photos na ito na uploaded by deb1430 ng bbplaza.



WINNER: The hostess Vappu Pimiä then interviews the housemates last Sunday night (Finland Time):

Vappu: Aso!
Aso: Yeah?
Vappu: Why did you seem to take it so hard when Cathy left?
Aso: Well... Cathy was so cute and kind girl, and it was easy to get used to her presence... even though she only stayed with us for a short while. Regardless, she left a big, empty spot in the midst of us... so naturally... I cried for all that.
Vappu: Did you perhaps have a romantic crush on her?
Aso: No... no, actually I didn't. She became such close a person to me (close to the heart, as if a dear friend or family member) that the thought didn't even enter my mind.
Vappu: Dana.
Dana: Yea.
Vappu: What do you think was the reason for you and Cathy becoming so close friends?
Dana: I don't kno-- maybe the fact we're both Asian! (Chuckles) I don't know... I just got this feeling she was like a sister to me... A little sister, even though she's actually two days older than me. I don't know... I just immediately felt like a connection with her.
Vappu: Dana, what will you be missing about Cathy the most?
Dana: Umm, her openness and sincerity. She is really different (in a good way) from all the rest of us... Or it was just that, she was so enthusiastic and inspired about everything... and she, like, really put her faith in people, and bestowed her trust on us.
Vappu: Stephania.
Stephania: Hiya.
Vappu: Has Cathy been the closest housemate to you in the BB house?
Stephania: (Giggles nervously, as she was surprised about the question... then makes a more serious face, stopping to really think about it:) Um... well, no... but surely one of the closest.
Vappu: Esa A!
Esa A: What's up.
Vappu: How do you feel Cathy changed the life in the BB house?
Esa A: (Pauses to think a bit, looking amused about the question.) Ohh.... Well, perhaps we all became this... a bit more caring and compassionate fellowship... at least for a while.
Vappu: Would you have liked the exchange to have gone on longer?
Esa A: Personally... speaking English and learning more about different cultures are things I enjoy doing... so that would be a yes.
Vappu: So, you're saying Kätlin could have stayed away longer...?
Esa A: (Smiling) If we have to put it that way, I (still) can't answer but yes. (Laughter from the studio audience, Kätlin is sitting right beside Esa and seen laughing too.)

Vappu: Kätlin!
Kätlin: Yeah.
Vappu: Would you have liked to stay longer in the Philippines?
Kätlin: (Nodding vigorously and wiping tears from her eyes... still looking happy, though.) Now I got all emotional! (Laughs) Yes. (Still nodding, now looking almost sad.)
Vappu: And just why is that?
Kätlin: Umm... (Again wiping tears, smiling:) Just a moment, please... (Vigorously flapping her hands before her eyes as if they were two little fans, trying to dry out her remaining tears.) I liked it so much! This was just an incredible experience, I would never have expected this to happen to me... And I... I somehow grew really really close to all the housemates there. Of course I would have liked to stay longer if it... if it only had been possible.
Vappu: What was the best part of your trip?
Kätlin: (Still wiping her face) Specifically that I was given the opportunity to get acquainted with new people, and got to see a different culture. (Nodding to herself.)
Vappu: Kätlin, which things were better in the PBB houses than in the BBF house?
Kätlin: I can't make that kind of a comparison. I think both houses are, like, in their own way, like--
Vappu: Say one thing which was better in the Philippines than in Finland.
Kätlin: (Taking a brief pause to think about it.) Maybe that sense of commu-- for example, when we were having a dinner, everyone helped with clearing the table and cleaning up later on. Everything was done together. They didn't have this... some individuals doing the cleaning and some others just wandering off the table. They had that co-operative spirit. That was the thing that was different there.
Vappu: Esa A!
Esa A: Yea.
Vappu: Has Kätlin been relating about her experiences in the Philippines enough?
Esa A: (Smiling teasingly) She has brought before us lots of experiential/emotional evidence. (Pause) Personally, I could perhaps be yearning for a more matter-of-factly reporting style... (shrugging apologetically, still smiling:) But that's just meee....
Vappu: Would you still like to hear more stories from Kätlin about her trip?
Esa A: (Smiling:) Of course I would.
Vappu: Sami.
Sami: Yeah?
Vappu: Was it OK with you that Kätlin was allowed to go on this trip?
Sami: I reckon that was definitely the best choice. Käpsy is so easily approachable and a lovely person that... if need be, she can be sent off, say, all the way to the Moon.
(A brief pregnant pause. Then laughter from the studio audience. Kätlin is bursting into a giggle too.)
Sami: (Drowned in the laughter but trying to mumble something to explain his idea better:) Not that I would--
Vappu: Would you have liked to go to the Philippines yourself?
Sami: It would have been... a really great and nice thing (nodding while looking down at his feet)
Vappu: Sami, if you had been to the Philippines, would you think you could have drawn that level of attention towards yourself?
Sami: Hard to say.
Vappu: Thank you, housemates. We will get back to you later.

WINNER: BBF 2009 - Cathy in Big Brother Extra TV show

WINNER: Ang s-ex scene nina evicted Finnish Housemates Minna and Esa J na naganap noong 4 October 2009 sa evcition show

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