Pokwang Tinalo Si Vhong Navarro


I wanted to post this buzz but I was kinda lazy doing this, so this is it, bit kinda late, but I want it. Here is the previous buzz READ HERE!!!

On the said birthday party of 'Wowowee' Host Pokwang, which was happened few weeks ago, some bigwigs of Nestle attended the said party.

According to them, winner daw ang beauty ni Pokwang sa pag-endorso ng regular ice creams dahil tinalo niya ang regular ice cream brand na ini-endorso ni Vhong Navarro, sum#gal talaga sila kay Pokwang at naging tama ang desisyon nila. Kaya naman pinapirma nila ulit si Pokee to endorse their product.

So congrats kina Pokee at sa Nestle. Pokee is currently in North America. So goodluck, few hours from now, 'Wowowillie Tour' is going to start.

Photo by Alyanna Martinez


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