Park Jaebum Leaves 2PM (Happy For Him!!!)


I became a fan of Park Jaebum of the K Pop group 2PM, I was became a fan not because of his rap/singing talent but because of his scandalous MySpace message posted few years ago. And the controversy now that he is leaving the group 2PM (he is the leader of the group) after the said MySpace scandal. The said group is under JYP Entertainment same with Wonder Girls company.

I love K Pop musics, love the videos, love it but my friends and I think that K Pop music is for g#ys, they have cheezy dance steps and I think their dance steps are g#y friendly. I also think their fashion looks so g#y and I love it. I love their fashion, TV dramas and music. I love it maybe because I am Bi.

Back to the topic, Jaebum posted some-not-so-good-for-Koreans messages:


Maybe he said that because he is a US citizen but his ancestors are Koreans. Well, I agree with him Korean showbiz is so far from Hollywood in terms of handling talents. I agree with him in many aspects, I think Korea needs to realize that GEE... can't say it, but I do believe. I really love Korea, and its people. Love it. Well here's Jaebum's farewell message posted on his fancafe on 8 September:

"Hello. This is JaeBum from 2PM. I’m sorry to give a last farewell with this message. With that very apologetic heart I have, it seems it is hard for me to see everyone on stage again.”

"I’m very sorry to everyone. I’m even more sorry to fans who have gave so much love. I will be leaving 2PM from today. I’m so sorry but I have to leave 2PM and you guys because I have been a leader hyung who not only did not give strength but became a burden. I’m once again sorry.”


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