Mariel Rodriguez Kinaiinisan Ng TV5 Celebrity


On the buzz 'Mariel Rodriguez Tinarayan Ang Staff; Staff Pinahiya Siya!!!' someone commented and gave a link of this video.

I found out that the link is owned by Rowda, a segment host of TV5's 'TEN: The Evening News', a show that I do watch.

Rowda also posted that she hates her interview with Mariel Rodriguez

"i love and hate this interview:)
i love this because anne curtis is super nice!
she's preety, famous and talented pero walang ka ere ere.
more power to you anne!

i hate this interview because....
i don't wanna comment. jUst watch how mariel answers my questions.
whahahaha! "

OMG I understand Rowda, I also don't like that part. I had seen this before but I never knew that Rowda posted her viol-nt reaction!!! But I still love Mariel. Ahahaha...

Here is the link of the Multiply site of Rowda, JUST CLICK HERE!!!


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