Lee Minho Says Tagalog Words With Dara (Behind CASS Photoshoot)


OMG, this is amazing, Dara with Lee Minho in an interview. She is solo this time but the cool things here are Dara spoke Tagalog, she even taught Minho to speak Tagalog. Boy Abunda and 'SNN' and even the voice of pretty Cesca Litton was featured. Minho did sing 2NE1's 'I Don't Care'. Oh I love it... I also love the host, her name is Park Seul Gi, who is 2 years younger than Dara. Oh what an unni...

They showed a clip of them doing the kissing scene, Dara did some poker face, according to them that's her specialty.

Seul Gi asked the following:
*"What group does Dara belong to?"
*"Do you know the song?"
*"Please sing a bit.... "K!


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