Lee MIn Ho And Sandara Park In Cass Official MV Teaser


Yes the Lucky Dara of 2NE1 kissed my Amore Lee Minho of 'Boys Before Flowers' for a commercial. Yah she is so damn lucky girl while my Minho is so damn hot and flawless, its like he wants to eat me... and of course the poor Byx will allow Minho to be his predator, poor Boo, his Byx is a big fl#rt. But hey Boo, it is a blessing, always count the blessings.

Oh my Minho, why why why? Why do you make me hurt? Thank you so much Boo for always making me satisfied.

For me the commercial looks so fab, cool and romantic. I actually love it, how about you?

By the way love the looks of Dara. And here is the MV teaser/commercial


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